Getting Started

Explore the capabilities of Carmen Cloud's Vehicle API in just five minutes!
In this brief guide, you'll learn how to easily read license plates (ANPR/ALPR)
and recognize vehicle make, model, and color (MMR).

Step 1: Register to get your free credits

Step 2: Get your API key

Step 3: Find a test image

Find an image of a vehicle with the license plate visible, or download this one for a quick test:

Step 4: Determine the region and country

Choose the region and expected location of the vehicle. For the image above, the region is eur (Europe) and the location is LUX (Luxembourg).

Valid values for the region are:

• Europe: eur
• Africa: afr
• Australia: aus
• North America: nam
• Central America: cam
• South America: sam
• East Asia: eas
• Central Asia: cas
• South Asia: sas
• Middle East: me

For a list of all possible locations, please refer to this table.

Step 5: Send a request to the Vehicle API

Using your tool of choice, send the following POST request to the URL (substitute the region you have chosen in the previous section):

• Header: Content-Type: multipart/form-data
• Header: X-Api-Key:
• Field image: the test image with its appropriate content type (e.g. image/jpeg or image/png)
• Field location: the location
• Field service: anpr,mmr

For example, using the command line tool cURL and the test image linked before, you can issue the following command:

					curl -X POST '' \
-H 'X-Api-Key: <your api key>' \
-H 'Content-Type: multipart/form-data' \
-F 'service=anpr,mmr' \
-F 'location=ROU' \
-F "image=@vehicle-api-test-image.png;type=image/jpeg"</your>

The response will contain the make, model and color of the vehicle and the text of its license plate (truncated for brevity):

 "data": {
 "vehicles": [
 "plate": {
 "found": true,
 "country": "ROU",
 "plateTypeConfidence": 47,
 "positionConfidence": 100,
 "plateChars": [ ... ],
 "unicodeText": "B365BMW",
 "separatedText": "B 365 BMW",
 "engine": "cmanpr- : rou_local",
 "proctime": 73,
 "confidence": 33,
 "plateROI": { ... },
 "plateType": 110026
 "mmr": {
 "engine": "mmr- : mmr-eur",
 "found": true,
 "proctime": 87,
 "category": "CAR",
 "categoryConfidence": 62,
 "color": {
 "r": 0,
 "g": 0,
 "b": 255
 "colorConfidence": 95,
 "make": "BMW",
 "model": "5",
 "makeConfidence": 100,
 "modelConfidence": 62,
 "heading": "frontal",
 "headingConfidence": 99
 "bounds": { ... }
 "nodename": "74f2fb5c-8be8-4a2b-bcfb-e0708eacfd04 ([380]
 "nodetime": 250,
 "version": "1.3"

Further Reading