Instantly capture and record
license plate information

Cloud-based ANPR, MMR and ADR for Spot-on Recognition
and Unmatched Accuracy in All Weather and Light Conditions

High-Grade ANPR,
No Expensive Hardware

With Carmen Cloud, you access high-grade ANPR capabilities without the need for costly hardware investments. Experience unrivalled recognition accuracy without breaking the bank.

Recognition Engines

Reliable and efficient license plate recognition with
30 years of development, regularly updated and

Integrated ANPR,
MMR, and ADR

Access all three features with a single API call, eliminating complexity and automatically grouping results by vehicle.

Effortless Video Tracking

Track vehicles seamlessly across video frames, decode plates from images and streams, and use the Vehicle Detector Agent add-on for added convenience.

Global Reach

Access worldwide coverage across 200+ countries, tailored to your region’s license plate formats and regulations.

Seamless Integration

Easily connect with other Adaptive Recognition products, from API queries to webhook events.

Deployment Flexibility

Choose cloud or on-premise options to match your infrastructure preferences.

Immediate Vehicle Identification

Embrace instant identification for a smarter, safer future without delays.
Explore Carmen Cloud's advanced vehicle recognition.

Swift Recognition,
Limitless Scalability

Carmen Cloud outpaces legacy OCR systems with lightning-fast license plate recognition, powered by cloud resources. Handle peak traffic effortlessly, eliminating delays and bottlenecks for instant insights and rapid identification.

Unmatched Accuracy,
Beyond Legacy OCRs

Carmen Cloud ANPR utilizes advanced machine learning for unparalleled license plate recognition accuracy, surpassing the limitations of legacy OCR systems. Its dynamic algorithms continually adapt, ensuring reliable identification in challenging conditions.

Global Access,
No Boundaries

Fits into your
existing infrastructure

Transitioning to Carmen Cloud ANPR from legacy OCR systems is effortless, ensuring the future-proofing of your infrastructure. Customize and integrate seamlessly with existing systems, accommodating unique regional plate formats and regulations for a disruption-free upgrade to efficient, precise license plate recognition.

Advanced ANPR
in any situation

Start for free,
upgrade at any time

Free plan

Includes every feature you need to start recognizing vehicles.


Paid plans

Unlock advanced features for growing your business.
Pricing is based on the number of lookups performed per month.