Law Enforcement & Security

Advanced License Plate Recognition for Safer Roads

Empowering law-enforcement with real-time intelligence for swift investigation and faster case closure

Secure Communities with ANPR Cloud. Carmen Cloud ANPR delivers cutting-edge license plate recognition technology, bolstering law enforcement’s ability to ensure community safety. Harness the power of real-time intelligence, process and analyze crucial vehicle information instantly, and enable rapid investigations and proactive policing. Empower officers to effectively combat crime, fostering secure communities through seamless and reliable ANPR cloud solutions.

Safer Roads and Smarter Surveillance with ANPR Technology


Seamlessly monitor and track vehicles, gaining valuable insights for enhanced situational awareness. Instantly detect potential threats, making communities safer and reducing response times.


Rapid vehicle identification with unmatched accuracy. Real-time identification allows for immediate action and informed decision-making, even in high-traffic areas or critical operations.

Works with existing harware

Carmen Cloud ANPR easily integrates into your existing security infrastructure, maximizing overall capabilities and value of surveillance efforts. This ensures a smooth transition without disruption to your existing infrastructure.


Identifying stolen vehicles in Brazil

Discover how the Military Police of Espiríto Santo, Brazil, revolutionized
their patrol operations.

With the cameras mounted on the police patrol cars, the system
automatically scans and captures images of passing vehicles, rapidly
converting them into ANPR/ALPR data. Instantly cross-referencing this
data with police databases.

Real-Time Vehicle Identification

Respond swiftly to potential threats with Carmen Cloud ANPR’s real-time vehicle identification.

Proactive Monitoring for Optimal Security

Enable seamless monitoring and tracking of vehicles and helping agencies proactively detect suspicious activities.

Expedite Case Resolution

Accelerate investigations with Carmen Cloud ANPR’s precise vehicle identification.

Promote Road Safety

Identify violations like speeding and unregistered vehicles swiftly,
encouraging better compliance and contributing to safer roadways.

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